Vs.Creative is now
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A (really) small graphic design studio, with no plans for world domination. Honest.
Working on good things for good people is the only goal here. 


Take your pick. I'm pretty good at all of them.

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Likely the first thing seen, which is why it needs to be a simple, yet iconic, representation of your business and its core values.

Logos are my specialty.

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The internet has become a ubiquitous part of all our lives. In turn, websites are now the most important part of a marketing strategy. I'm great at building brochure-type websites (like this one) on my own, but for larger sites that require eCommerce or CMS functionality I bring in the specialists.

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There’s not much better than handing over a beautiful business card to a client, except for maybe sending an equally attractive invoice at the end of the job.

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Your store and signage are another extremely important piece of your visual identity. You have great things to sell, do them justice.

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A user interface is another opportunity to instill the same aesthetics as the rest of your offering, and helps to generate more brand familiarity.

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A well designed app, that takes its context and use into account is a great thing to behold, and drives more usage. I don’t code them myself, but I have some fantastic developers to work with who do.

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We haven’t thrown away those dead tree binders just yet, but eBooks are fast becoming the medium of choice for readers of all genres; from Mills & Boon to Beatrix Potter.

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Anything that is produced to advertise, or sell, your business and its services, or products, should maintain an aesthetic consistency with the rest of your branding.


A selection of things I’ve done.




A one-man show.

Vs.Creative is run by me, Mark Gilliland, a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and dad-joke extraordinaire.

Driven by a burning desire (and a global financial crisis), I went out on my own in 2009 to see what I could make of it. I'm still going, so I guess I made something.

These days I work mostly from my home office in Bacchus Marsh, where I get to shoot the breeze and roll ideas passed my work colleagues: Summer, Ruby and Pickles (our rescue pets)…and mostly wear whatever I like.


Some kind words I swear I didn’t pay them to say.

Mark is an intelligent and innovative designer who boasts an obsessive eye for detail.

Daniel Donahoo
Project Synthesis

Bam! Bam! Bam! Done.

<3 your work Mark!

Shel Williamson

Whoever you got to do your graphic design is amazing. Those logos are perfect.

Senior Director of Lucas Online

Mark is by far the most handsome, intelligent and talented of all my children.

My mum
(Not really)


I'm always open to new creative pursuits, so email me and tell me about yours.